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the mustache experiment

During the Vancouver Canucks run to the stanley cup in 2011, I, like many others, grew a ritual playoff beard. With that being said, this “beard” consists of a goatee and a slimy cheesy mustache. The longer the playoffs went on, the worse it got. The more it reeked of the food I ate. The more of the random 4 inch hairs that sprouted up overnight. The more red hair all of a sudden became apparent.

So once the Canucks were eliminated in grand fashion by the Boston Bruins, I had a decision to make, stick with the goat/stache combo, one or the other or neither. So after consulting with important peeps I decided to rock just the nasty 80’s undercover cop mustache. Now at first, I admit, I was very self conscious about it. It felt odd, out of place and my chin was soooo cold. My first response was “ewwww get away from me” and then “you sir, look like a pervert”. But since then I have received compliment after compliment on it. I don’t get it! I personally think I look older and fatter, not to mention the creepy looking factor.

But for some reason, its a hit! Why? People at my work, family members, friends, seem to be 90% love and 10% hate. I’ve been called dapper, and handsome. My H-R boss did a double take. Why is it that so many people are taking a liking to this horrible expression of facial hair? I don’t know how long I can keep it up for, but one thing is for certain, it needs to see the Calgary stampede. That’s my next destination, and its going with a red plaid or paisley shirt and tight blue jeans.

Wish me luck