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Twitter meets Wrestling!

Wednesday the world imploded and gassed out something excellent. Another idea for a blog! For those that follow me on twitter or read my blogs you may notice a bit of escalated drama in my tweets and posts. Most of which is due to and coincides with my love of professional wrestling! WWF/WWE, WCW, ECW and others were mainstays on my television as a kid.

Fanny pack not included.

Let me tell you the following story like a high school rumor floating around school.


It all started when two minds collided and One Man asked who would play a real life miss Elizabeth? Wife of the late Macho Man Randy Savage RIP.

Another said “Man, that would be awesome to match up Twitter personalities to wrestlers.
Fearless leader immediately dibs gold dust.

Number 2 dibs doink the clown. A full minute behind him i did as well. 😦

Another wants to be scott hall.

Coquit states that he wants to be virgil.

Then the Stromboniest one requests Papa Shango. Which Another promptly photoshops for him.

The end….

Meet your cast and characters:

One man : @socialassassin2
Another: @thestanchion
Fearless Leader: @thomasdrance
Number 2 : @browntobure
Coquit: @Mitch_SBMedia
Myself: @Mattthemascot
The Stromboniest One: @strombone1

But wait theres more! What fun would it be if i didnt include some of the others in our twitter sphere? Lets have some fun!

@jbowmancouver : The Undertaker. Its the beard bru. Keep that badass for movember.

@harrisonmooney : whomever he wants to in those pants

@GMmikegillis : a bottle of jamesons

@Trevor_Linden : Mr Perfect (RIP)

@DarrenDreger : this guy

@RonHNIC: Vince MacMahon

#shapheat gentlemen.



Hockey Calls

This cold tuesday morning, just after getting my fake sportscentre updates and watching the latest episode of Epic Meal Time, I received a phone call from an employee from the Abbotsford Heat front office. He received my private information from Thats not a great way to conduct business there LiveNation. But thats not what this is about. What this is about is the state of current hockey affairs.

The reason they phoned is because the Heat are desperate for repeat customers seeing how they have some of the worst attendances in their league (AHL). So he talked some bs and then offered discounts with his personal information. Desperate much? With the lockout the Heat’s attendance has gone DOWN! What the hell people? Harrison Mooney and his tight pants cant do it all himself! I have been attending the local BCHL team here The Surrey Eagles. Its great hockey. The arena is cold. Beer is cheap. They have a very friendly mascot for your kids. Same with Abbotsford.

Please support your local hockey team folks. They need it. Screw the lockout. Fuck the NHL. I still dont believe a season will happen so go hang out at your local rink. They will be happy you came.