Now you care?

This is not for the faint of heart and easily offended.

Im a volatile and angry person to begin with and this weeks exploits have pushed me to an edge.

This topic is of suicide and how a particular teen has brought this into the forefront once more.


Now you care?

A young woman in a suburban setting offs herself and now you care?

People have mental problems all over the globe and now you care?

The entire downtown core of Vancouver is filled with homeless who have mental problems and now all of a sudden you care?

If one of them committed suicide would you care?

No you wouldn’t you hypocritical pieces of shit.

If a “suicide bomber” in Iraq kills himself because hes sad and the media proclaims him a terrorist, would you give a shit?

No because all of society feels that if you don’t like a photo on facebook claiming to support this newest trend, you aren’t a decent human being.

Get this… NEWS FLASH!

Suicide is a huge problem and is happening everyday all over the world, but NOW you care because some little girl was sad.

I hope you ignorant people of the world choke and die if this is news to you. If you didn’t think mental illness and suicide was a problem before you need to open your eyes and stop being such an idiot.

Don’t give me this “now im really sad for this person I didn’t know” crap. Because your not. Your falling victim to a trend of media propaganda.

Don’t take this the wrong way…. I support your decisions to support mental illness. Its just the fact of now you care?



2 responses to “Now you care?”

  1. David says :

    I couldn’t agree more! It blows my mind how my friends on FB reacted towards this, saying they are sad and crying, posting really long updates in tribute and liking her picture. They instantly feel like they can almost relate to her and are a good human being for liking her photo like everybody else. Don’t get me wrong, I am upset to hear of this girl and her story of bullying, its never okay but like when I saw all those updates, I was like “where the hell were all of these when I was battling depression?” Sure I didn’t say I was depressed but I did post about it later and a bunch of people liked it but like where were they when I needed them; most people nowadays are only in it for themselves and that frustrates me. I got through depression all on my own, sure with a little support but luckily I was strong enough to be able to get out…I also don’t understand why people joke about “depression” (FML and stuff) and why some people say “god kill me now!” or “somebody shoot me” for that matter, its not okay to say that in any situation. Depression, bullying, suicide, 3 of the worst things in this world today. I also don’t succumb to peer pressure when it comes to suicide stories and stuff, like I care but won’t go to lengths to post her picture saying RIP and stuff but that’s because I have always cared, unless a story really touches my heart and feel the need to express that, then I would go to such lengths but those things don’t really concern me because I’m like “what could I do?” but it is important to spread the word and promote anti-bullying and take a stand.

    • mattthemascot says :

      i understand your sentiment. i am guilty of casaully using jokes to alleviate my own frustrations. this poor girl even made it public and no one gave a shit. she put it on youtube. where the hell are the parents? what about health canada? depression is real, mental illnesses are real. this is heartbreaking for sure.

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