Sources Say What?

This is a new feature that will get updated whenever I feel like it.
My sources tell me a lot of things, from NHL news to Current events going on in the world.
I am also going to let you in on a few of my sources identities.
This week sources are brought to you by this guy;

And Oscar the Grouch.

Now it was TSN’s own James Duthie that inspired this line of events

That Jimmy, he’s a hard one to keep track of, Oscar got me that one.

Don Cherry, you bad bad man. Oscar

Old Scottish Bob, aka The Hockey God re-incarnated loves his Timmy’s. Fat dude hooked me up on that one.

Poor Mason Raymond, he can’t catch a break. S/t Oscar

Wayne is so pissed off at his daughter, that he decided to take out his rage on his arch rival’s prodigy.
Thanks Fat guy.

Vancouver is hoping for Weber to win this for two very obvious reasons. 1 everyone hates Zdeno a lot more than Raymond, and 2 DUH we want to win the Shea Weber sweepstakes in the coming months.
Another Fat Guy hook up.

Poor Tim Thomas, suffered the same fate as his Stanley cup opponents of last year, he was spied on by Oscar the Grouch.

The Montreal Canadiens are screwed, Patrick Roy won’t even go near them. The fat guy is French, and is Roy’s cousin that their family is embarrassed about.

Marty as his friends call him, loves his pancakes. Dustin Penner‘s wife is his personal chef.
Oscar ate the leftovers.

Roberto has made quite the splash lately, distracting teams right out of the playoffs. Oscar

And we are all happy about that…………… The fat guy loves Edward, had to throw him under the bus.

Mr. Doughty can’t wait to win the Stanley cup, even he’s getting antsy and planning the parade at the School for Autism where he grew up. Oscar ate his garbage as a child.

Wow. Fat guy is also a hacker and a fetish freak himself.

Oscar is so good at spying; Charlie sheen thinks he’s a bag of marijuana.

The Fat Guy applied, but didn’t get it. He’s very mad.

Could have fooled me.

Yet again, could have fooled me. Phoenix has one of the lowest season ticket holder shares, so most of their “fans” are travelling college kids and everyone’s grandparents.

Poor CoHo, I don’t think Gary Roberts allows him out of the house too much. He got loose once and won’t be let out again. Oscar the grouch can travel through the sewers, he saw Cody at the drunk tank.

No idea where @Hamhuishipcheck gets her sources from, but sounds solid.

Ovi the conqueror shares a love of bunnies with my fat guy. Its weird I know.
And finally

That one was an email from my lawyer. Yeesh Prongy must be cranky.


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