Trimming the fat

Trimming the fat

You’re all by now aware that our Canucks are eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. At this moment every arm chair Power Play Specialist from Vancouver to Toronto and beyond are “thinking what needs to be done?” This is my entry to the most major debate of the Vancouver blogosphere, “Rebuild or upgrade?”

This offseason will be significant for many reasons.
1 What to do about coaching
2 What to do about goaltending
3 What to do about management
4 What to do about forwards
5 What to do about defence

1 What to do about coaching

Alain Vigneault

Exiting this playoff series has many skeptics believing Alain Vigneault will be fired. Many people are morons. Alain Vigneault is a wizard, a master. Its not his fault his team has brain farts. But it was up to him to smack around some dead weight, which he didn’t do.
If Gillis does fire him, which he would be stupid to, Craig Mactavish, current head of the Canucks AHL affiliate, The Chicago Wolves will more than likely replace him on the bench. The last man to not wear a helmet in the NHL, Craig Mactavish comes with clout. He has four Stanley Cup rings to his credit, hes a checking center who scored some clutch goals and was pretty decent on the draws. His skills could improve the likes of Manny Malhotra and Samme Pahlsson , who both had a rough year.

2 What to do about goaltending

Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo

The Meat and Potatoes of it all is all about the goalies. Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo are both damn good, the problem is, like Alain, the Canucks have brain farts around both of them too. And even more around my precious Bobby Lu, he looks to be the man out. The media and fans will soon drive Schneider to his limit and want to leave to as well.
Both of them have trade potential, Luongo less due to contract and reputation. Schneider is younger cheaper and could get bounties of offers as “the best backup” in the NHL. Schneidz is an RFA and depending on the offer, we could be rich like oil drillers in texas.

3 What to do about management

Mike Gillis

Mike Gillis is the future. And nothing will make me more upset than firing Gillis. No one would be able to fit those shoes. Fire him at your own caution Aquilini Investment Group.

4 What to do about forwards

All of them are on the hook. Couldn’t help out their goaltenders. Henrik Sedin scored the most goals. Nuff Said. Cut Raymond. Goodbye. Keep Booth. Ditch Kassian in the AHL,. My wish list to stay include Booth, Higgins, Lapierre, Burrows, Hansen. Palhsson didn’t work like I wanted him to. Call up Reinprecht from the Wolves and give him the shot he deserves. Our Wolves are good in the AHL for call ups.

5 What to do about defence

As much as I harp on Edler, the kids got skill. Don’t be surprised if he goes the way of the Ehrhoff and jumps ship. He has way less will power than Hamhuis and isn’t as strong as Juice.

The defense is fine. Leave them as is. Ballard and Tanev are keeping the ship afloat. Find someone for Edler to play with, because the poor man terminator Sami Salo should rest after this hard stretch. Probably his last.



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