Season Saving Solution #SSS

Season Saving Solution or as I’m calling it, operation #SSS.

Immediate task: Seek and Destroy. Call up the boys. Take what’s yours.Use the force. Fight for your freedom and for your lives!

The Vancouver Canucks are in a desperate state. They are down three games to nil. This is done at everyone’s disbelief. There is but one choice now. They must fight to take their life back.

The Los Angeles Kings are playing their best hockey due to their captain and their whole back end. Their captain has as many goals as the entire Canucks roster in the series.

I get it you know that. Time to go head hunting.

Activated from the Press Box:
Andrew Alberts (shudder)
Aaron Rome (face palm)
Andrew Ebbett (zombie)
Mike Duco(buzzin)
Zack Kassian (baby trex)
Gino Odjick (Iron fists)
Tiger Williams (He wants to maul)
Sergio Momesso (Glass breaker)
Geoff Courtnall (Alex Burrows 1.0)
Stan Smyl (the Steamer)
Craig Mactavish (won’t wear a helmet)
Orland Kurtenbach (OG head hunter)
Pat Quinn (nuff said)
Greg Adams (hells yes)
And of Course………..

Trevor Linden (the composer)

Sent packing:
Mason Raymond
Alex Edler
Frodo and Samwise Gamgee

Ok fine I’m just upset. But everyone is. And has a right to be. I’m willing to do anything to win. Apparently like Gillis with his Daniel Sedin call to come to SoCal.

The future is clouded……..


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