12 Questions – The Real Interviews Part 1 The Stanchion

12 Questions – The Real Interviews is a series in which I ask real people real questions. One word answers.

My first guest is The Stanchion. A Chance meeting at Rogers Arena during the Canucks VS the Ducks provided me time to sit down with one of Vancouver’s newest twitter celebrities.

#1 Coke or Pepsi “Pepsi”
I’m a coke person, diet coke to be exact. Not judging.

#2 Tim Hortons or Starbucks “Tim Hortons”
Personally, I dig starbucks. But whatevs.

#3 XBOX or Playstation “XBOX”
I don’t have either, so either are cool to me.

#4 Favorite Beer “Kokanee”
No answer could have been any happier to my ears.

#5 Sid the Kid or Ovechkin “Ovi”
Both superstars. Toss up.

#6 Schneider or Luongo “Schneider”
Well it was after Luongo was pulled in the game. Poor timing.

#7 Dank or Hank “Daniel”
Trigger man takes it.

#8 The Beatles or The Rolling Stones ” Ze Beetles”
Well he didn’t say it like a french man, but regardless, good choice.

#9 Family Guy or South Park “South Park”
Stewie can’t cut it in this battle.

The two fold questions

#10 Autobot or Decepticon “Decepticon”
Megatron or Starscream “SOUNDWAVE”
Before I could even ask he screamed out Soundwave. No worries, its a good choice.

#11 Star Wars or Star Trek “Star Trek”
Federation or Borg “Federation”
This one hurt. Cut me real deep. I wasn’t sure people like that existed. I appreciate his honesty, even if I do not agree.

#12 80’s Heavy Metal or 90’s Hip Hop / Rap “90’s Hip hop / Rap”
2pac or Biggie “2pac”
Either would have been perfectly acceptable as they both were significantly awesome and inspiring.

That’s all for now. Oh and a bonus “HD” video of the new Canucks home ice intro at Rogers arena. Filmed via my superior inferior Blackberry Bold 9700 which will be blown up soon.


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